The Social Age demands a fresh approach.

We help organizations hire, motivate and retain top talent— which increases employee engagement and productivity. How? By disrupting outdated hiring and management practices and replacing them with Social Age Engagement Solutions™.

Mind Reading For Managers

A unique communications framework designed to...

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Employee Engagement

Win the ‘War for Talent’ with leading edge, practical solutions to...

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Career Development

Because life is too short for a career you don’t absolutely love!

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Hiring for the Social Age

Shatter the old paradigm of hiring for skills and experience and...

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“I took over the Electrical Section around the time the company engaged Ignite Global. At that time our section had the highest employee turnover in the region, the lowest employee engagement scores and the lowest profitability per head. I knew something needed to change and adopted the concepts Kim taught straight away. We now have the lowest employee turnover, highest engagement scores and highest profitability per head in the region.
― Yogesh Maharaj, Electrical Section Manager, Northrop Consulting Engineers

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