2017 – a pivotal year for people practices. Here is what you can do to prepare.

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Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday break. I certainly did, and hope to share some pictures in a subsequent Ignite Bites of me feeding kangaroos and wallabies at my in-laws’ house, and diving in the Solomon Islands.

But for now, let me get right to the point. I’ve felt for the last few months that2017 is going to be a pivotal year. I’ve just finished reading Bersin by Deloitte’s Trends for 2017 and I’m now convinced of it. I’ve included it as an attachment here for your reading pleasure – although I warn you that it is awash in yellow for all of my highlights.

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I bang on about our upcoming skills shortage, low employee engagement, productivity levels and other challenges that we’ve been increasingly facing for the last decade and a half.

All of this is still true…but there is something more in the air now. The pace of change is accelerating and the level of uncertainty in our Trump / Brexian world is high.

I believe we have a choice to make and I believe that 2017 is the time to make the choice, or risk being left behind.

We can either continue to hire and manage people the way we’ve always done it, and hope for the best. Or we can meet this change and uncertainty head on and prepare ourselves for the upcoming (and inevitable) roller coaster ride.

My aim for 2017 is two fold: First, to convince those of you who would prefer to the former, the urgency of the latter. And second, to help those of you who are already on this path with strategies and tools that will make the journey easier (and contribute to your organizational and individual success).

The research (and Deloitte’s report cites much of it) is clear. We MUST revolutionize the way we hire, inspire and retain our high performers to meet our organizational and market challenges.

The question – and foundation of the work we do at Ignite Global – is how do we do that?

I’ve dedicated many of my newsletters and blog posts to talk about specific actions we can take in specific areas. Today, in conjunction with the Deloitte trend report, I’d like to share a more holistic perspective that I’ve been working on.

I’ve put together a visual that juxtaposes the employee life cycle under the old-school paradigm with what I believe are the most important things organizations need to do to revolutionize their human capital practices. Eventually I will get this professionally designed as an info-graphic, but I wanted to share it here first, and get your opinions.

Please let me know what you think!


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