Author: Kim Seeling Smith

2017 – a pivotal year for people practices. Here is what you can do to prepare.

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Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break. I certainly did, and hope to share some pictures in a subsequent Ignite Bites of me feeding kangaroos and wallabies at my in-laws’ house, and diving in the Solomon Islands. But for now, let me get...

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From The Flintstones to The Jetsons: 7 Steps to Modernize Stone Age People Practices

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Do you spend too much of your day fighting fires or refereeing employees? …Are you frustrated by the lack of quality candidates in the market? …Are you looking for better ways to do performance appraisals / reviews? If any of these apply to you read on because, for the first...

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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make to Guarantee You Will Lose Your Best Staff

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One day, while working as a professional recruiter, I received a call from the Finance Manager of a large electronics firm…let’s call him John. John reported to the Financial Controller…whom we will call Greg. John and Greg were both clients of mine. I had placed seven...

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