This is where we get hands on in your organisation, bringing our 25 years of practical experience to your table to help reignite your workforce. Some areas we can help you with are:

Employee Engagement and Retention Online Diagnostic Tool
Identify what your company does well to attract and retain staff and what challenges your company may be having.

Recruitment Process Review
A complete overview of your hiring and recruitment methods to ensure that you are hiring the right staff in any economic time.

Induction Process Review
Learn how to help new staff settle into the team and become productive as quickly as possible.

"I am deeply appreciative of the work you are doing with us. You have changed my outlook on people, their lives, my career and probably a whole lot more."

Todd Halliday, Structural Section Manager

"I first met Kim at an IT Recruitment and Retention Forum in Sydney and was impressed with her presentation, which I found highly engaging and very informative. Through that introduction, I later engaged Kim on a project to help revamp our talent management website due to her industry knowledge and understanding of the talent attraction, hiring and retention lifecycle. Kim has a lot of passion and enthusiasm for what she does, so it’s been a pleasure to work with her."

Sue Tu, Program Manager Cisco Systems

"For the first time in years our performance reviews were completed in a more timely manner, with little chasing up with the managers. Not only that, instead of just checking boxes there were actual development plans that had been documented and discussed."

Michelle Goade, HR Coordinator Lactalis American Group

"I took over the Electrical Section around the time the company engaged Ignite Global. At that time our section had the highest employee turnover in the region, the lowest employee engagement scores and the lowest profitability per head. I knew something needed to change and adopted the concepts Kim taught straight away. We now have the lowest employee turnover, highest engagement scores and highest profitability per head in the region."

Yogesh Maharaj, Electrical Section Manager