Employee Opinion Survey / Human Capital Practices Diagnostic

What is it?

The only tool of its kind that not only looks at how your staff feel, but also what your managers do to hire the best people and create a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

Delving into each of the 5 Cs, this survey will help you identify what your company does well to attract and retain staff as well as what challenges you may be having.

Backed up by over 100 scientific research studies in the areas of pay, motivation, generational differences, employee engagement and coaching styles, this diagnostic will give you a comprehensive insight into your company’s hiring and retention practices from both the employee’s as well as the manager’s perspective.

How does it work?

We follow a very specific process designed to increase employee participation rates and the effectiveness of communicating and acting on the results of the survey for maximum impact.

We work with you to prepare a customizable survey for your organization.

Once the survey is launched, we follow a prescribed communication program to increase participation rates (our participation rates are rarely below 70% and many times exceed 80%).

After the survey period closes we quickly and thoroughly analyze the results (turning it around to senior management in 2 – 3 weeks rather than months).

We personally deliver and go through the report which includes an executive summary with top level recommendations, a high level, macro analysis of all key findings—grouped by engagement factor—and an extremely detailed, graphical analysis of all findings, segmented with the demographic information of your choosing.

What are the results?

A comprehensive, Board-worthy and detailed analysis of employee engagement findings and management practices complete with specific, actionable recommendations.

The 5 Cs of the Employee Life Cycle for the Social Age

Hire Correctly:

Are you using a reactive or proactive sourcing model?

Are you hiring for attitude and ability rather than skills and experience?

Are you engaging their hearts and minds within the first 90 days of employment?

Classify and manage appropriately:

Do you spend enough time with those employees who will provide the largest ROI?

Compensate fairly:

Do your staff feel they are paid fairly for the value they provide?

Use Currencies of Choice to increase engagement and productivity:

How well do your staff feel their ‘Currencies of Choice’ (8 crucial factors that research shows do more to drive engagement and productivity than pay or benefits) are being met?

Communicate with FOCUS:

How well do you communicate with your employees? Do they understand what’s happening within the organization? Have your managers fostered an environment of trust and respect? How open is your communication?

"The leadership within my organisation found the results [of the Employee Retention Diagnostic Survey] to be so potent that we asked Kim to present her analysis to the leading 30 stakeholders of our business. Kim’s presentation was excellent and underscored her professional demeanor. I am pleased to report that the experience of this firm and myself in each of our dealings with Kim Seeling Smith has been nothing less than to deal with a consummate professional who delivers on her promise, is flexible and commercial in her approach and is a personal joy to work with."

Rick Bensted, Manager

"The quality of your program is excellent and equal to anything I have seen in the market. However, it is your commitment, professionalism, and passion that was far beyond my expectations and what made the experience such a positive one for all. You have established an excellent rapport with the Foodco team, so much so that they think of you as one of the staff!"

Serge Infanti, Managing Director The Foodco Group (Muffin Break / Jamaica Blue)