Recruitment Process Review

To win the ‘War for Talent’ and beat the global skills shortage, companies must adopt a proactive approach to sourcing staff. Gone are the days when simply putting an ad on a job board and asking around will provide the quality staff you need to meet your business goals.

The Social Age demands a fresh approach. You must understand how to not only source, but attract the best in the market—not simply the best available at the time.

What is it?

A full review of all your sourcing, recruitment and hiring policies and practices using our proprietary Social Age Sourcing Model™ developed by founder and CEO Kim Seeling Smith, based on her 15 year career as an award winning, international recruiter.

How does it work?

We will thoroughly review and make recommendations on your
Recruitment policies

Job Descriptions

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Sourcing Channels

Interviewing procedures

What are the results?

This review results in a full report of your company’s recruitment processes with recommendations on how to increase your ability to pull top talent from the market with a potentially significant cost reduction.

"Kim ….is one of the finest recruiting professionals I have ever seen. She has a rare blend of commitment, skill, passion, and knowledge. She has a great knack of understanding the business need for a particular resource requirement and is able to align these with the expectations of the candidates. Highly action oriented and rallies her team towards achieving the objective. Kim is one of the few recruiters who ensure that job requirement and skills are matched. Kim ensures that right candidates are interviewed by the prospective employers. Always ready to take new challenges, Kim works equally well with local experienced candidates as well as new immigrants."

Chandan Ohri, Director KPMG

"Kim helped Consult Australia to refine our hiring and induction processes and I found the engagement highly useful. We have had better success with candidates since using the new job ads and have a lot more rigor around our interview process. Money well spent to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidates! We even had candidates apply for positions since then simply because our job ads were so well written! Kim is a straight shooter who will open your eyes to the recruiting mistakes you have been making for so long!"

Megan Motto, CEO Consult Australia