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4 Steps to Greater Employee Accountability (click on each title to go to the webinar page then select your time zone)

Why does it seem that holding staff accountable is more difficult today? Is it harder to hold Gen Y’s / Millennials accountable than the older generations? If so, why? And how do you do it? How do you get people to perform well? To bring their best to work every day?

By using these 4 Steps to Greater Employee Accountability!

  • This was the largest webinar in APAC history when I presented it for Citrix / the Australian Human Resources Institute in June. Over 4,000 signed up and we had almost 1,000 on the call.  AND I got some of the best feedback from any presentation I’ve ever done!


Sourcing Top Talent in the Social Age  

Win the ‘War for Talent’ by replacing old school, reactive candidate sourcing techniques with ‘Social Age Sourcing Solutions’ to ensure you are able to consistently source the best (instead of only the best available).

    • Learn to fish from different ponds
    • Learn to evaluate your fish differently opening up many more, better qualified candidates
    • Learn to ‘Always be Recruiting’

Be prepared to work in this one! You’re going to be generating ideas and action plans!

Emotional On Boarding

22% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment.  You only have once chance to make a great first impressions – yet employee dis-engagement often begins on the first day.  Learn how to engage their hearts and minds immediately with our Emotional On Boarding framework.</p>

Are you looking for an experienced, passionate and credible leadership speaker who can deliver practical solutions for immediate impact to one of the greatest threats to business today? Are you or your clients looking for ways to win the ‘War for Talent’ and stay ahead of the coming global skills shortage?

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