Here’s a cure for the back to work blues.

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Happy New Year!

Unless you are taking a long summer holiday — as many are prone to do in ANZ —you are probably thinking about going back to work as the Silly Season draws to a close.

This typically fills us with one of two emotions, depending on how you currently feel about your job.

For some it can be a feeling of dread and, if that’s you, I’ve got just the thing to reignite your professional passion.

This is a 9 minute interview that I did a few months ago for a lovely gentleman who has a regular broadcast called Passion Sundays. He interviewed me about how to get the passion back in your job if you’ve lost it. Hint, hint —this also works to help your staff get their passion back as well.

If you’re like me (yes, I’m lucky — I can honestly say that I’ve loved almost every day at work since July 25th, 1994) you’re starting to make plans for the coming year.

In order to keep our articles relevant and useful we would dearly love to hear about your plans. What’s keeping you up at night? What challenges in the ‘people space’ are you going to be working to solve? Myself and my guest bloggers (I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve in the next few months) will do our best to share our research, insights and case studies with you.

Please take 3 minutes now to fill out our very short survey. In return, you will receive 2 things. First, we will send you the results to see what everyone else is working on.

Second, you will be one of the very first people to access our brand new Lights Out to LIGHT Up Diagnostic.

Experts are predicting that unless companies understand how to win the War for Talent they will not be able to source and / or retain enough of the right staff to keep the lights on through the next decade.

Our Lights Out to LIGHT Up Diagnostic helps you look at your people processes and practices and compares those to the most leading edge, innovative and cost effective strategies to help you not only keep the lights on — but to truly LIGHT Up Your Workforce®  to ensure your team is able to do their best work  — and love doing it.

This diagnostic will be released in late January or early February and we expect it to be one of a kind, very comprehensive and extremely valuable.

We are really excited about this and would love for you to be one of the first to give it a go — and it’s yours free for 3 minutes of your time to complete our survey.

Thank you in advance!

Warm regards,


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