My #1 Piece of Interviewing Advice and Save the Date!

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A client called me the other day, just hours before interviewing a candidate for a hard to fill role. This is a new client and I’ve just started to work with his company. We are going to be reviewing their entire recruitment process and teaching all of his hiring managers our proprietary interview framework – but that day he just needed some quick advice to make sure didn’t repeat some mistakes he’d made with his last hire.

He said, “If you had to give just one piece of advice to help me prepare, what would that be?”

I said, “Prepare.”

He said, “That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, what’s your advice?”

I laughed and said again, “Prepare!”

Stunned silence.

I then went on to tell him that, once we begin his project, the one thing he and his managers will hear us say time and time again about interviewing is that “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

In the interview context this advice actually has two goals:  The first is to prevent you from hiring someone that will perform poorly, but the second is to prevent you from performing poorly in the interview!

In this candidate market we have to both screen out the bad and woo the good. And if you are ill-prepared for an interview they can tell.

I had another client years ago tell me that in one of his recent interviews, the candidate stopped the interview herself, because it was obvious that he had not read her resume! According to this client, the candidate sat back in her chair and said, very respectfully, “I’m sorry, but it’s quite clear you are unfamiliar with my background and I have to ask myself what that says about whether I could work for you. So, thank you for your time, but I’m going to go now.”

I’m going to be talking a lot this year about recruitment and the interview process, because it’s becoming harder and harder to find quality candidates – and it’s more important than ever to find them.

So, in the coming weeks I will give you more specifics on how to prepare…but for now, I’ll just reiterate,

“Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

 Please – don’t ever do your preparation between the printer and the lobby again. 🙂



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