Our Team

HS Day 2-17

Kim Seeling Smith / Founder and CEO

Are you looking for ways to engage your employees, so that they are more productive and you are less stressed? Kim Seeling Smith is the leading…

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Vanessa Marks / Facilitator, Instructional Designer

With a degree from The Ohio State University in Business Administration majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring…

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Deborah Cordukes / Facilitator, Consultant and Coach

Deborah is a former Ernst & Young partner with a passion for people and how they learn and develop.

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Pam Harris

Pam Harris / Senior Facilitator

Pam’s pedigree includes more than a decade of experience as a facilitator with the Australian Institute of Management, over 17 years as a facilitator…

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Philip Pryor

Philip Pryor / Senior Conflict Resolution Strategist

A strategic advisor, executive coach, mediator and conflict resolution specialist, Philip Pryor has worked with senior executives in Australia…

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Dick Massimilian

Dick Massimilian / Executive Coach

Dick is a founding partner of Meritas, a consulting partnership that provides advice and counsel to senior leaders and their teams…

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David Toyne / Chief Strategist

David Toyne advises on Ignite Global’s strategy, processes and infrastructure, ensuring all are robust and congruent with our mission to provide…

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Lisa Grabham

Lisa Grabham / Quantitative and Qualitative Research Analyst

Lisa has over 25 years’ experience in market and social research and research-driven writing and data analysis. Underpinned by a solid academic…

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Heather Marks

Heather Marks / Graphic Designer

Heather earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Wayne State University with concentrations in Graphic Design and Sculpture. She has spent…

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