Results from #1 People Challenge Survey

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I’m doing a lazy woman’s blog post, because I spoke at The 8 Percent Festival in Melbourne. Think TED meets SXSW.

Yesterday I was a panelist on The Future of Work panel with some incredible minds (I’ll send a video of this in the next couple of weeks…so far it’s been the most talked about panel of the festival).

So, in the essence of time – and because I think there is a lot of information that will be valuable to you as well, I’m publishing the results of our People Challenge Survey here. You can download the full PDF below.

I was blown away by the sheer number of responses, quite frankly – 183 of them. That’s huge for a survey like this! If you haven’t had your say, don’t worry…it’s not too late. Feel free to participate here.

Here are just some of the points that I find interesting:

  • Over 50% of the respondents report that their main challenges include Employee Performance or Behavioral issues and almost an equal percentage report Employee Engagement Challenges. This is not a surprise because research shows the two are clearly linked.
  • This is a surprise though – well actually, it’s not, because it’s what I see every day. Only 34% of respondents report having trouble finding and selecting enough good people to fill roles. I was very pleased that over 1/3 of respondents reported being challenged by helping the team understand their own strengths and weaknesses and that almost 30% reported being challenged by helping the team with career development. Why am I pleased? Because at least those respondents are recognizing that these topics are integral to employee engagement, performance and productivity. Let me be clear about this – the two are inextricably linked. Employee engagement and performance starts with playing the long game in your recruitment process. Cast your nets wide and proactively look for the best of the best instead of just the best available.
  • Once you have access to a greater pool of candidates stop hiring for skills and experience and start hiring for organizational fit and innate abilities or strengths.
  • So…if you are one of those participants that reported being challenged by employee performance, behaviour and / or motivation and engagement I invite you to ask yourself…Are you truly sourcing and hiring the right people for the right roles?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the survey results.

And again, if you haven’t had your say, don’t worry…it’s not too late. Feel free to participate here.

Download the file here:  igniteglobalpeoplechallengesurveyresponsea4

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