Are you looking for an experienced, passionate and credible leadership speaker who can deliver practical solutions with immediate impact on one of the greatest threats to business today? Are you or your clients looking for ways to win the ‘War for Talent’ and stay ahead of the coming global skills shortage?

Kim Seeling Smith is the leading expert on Social Age Engagement™ Solutions. During her presentations, she offers practical solutions—based on over 5,000 exit interviews and consulting work with companies such as Sargento Cheese, NBN, Anheuser Busch, Muffin Break, TransUnion, MLC and Cisco Systems as well as small to medium size organizations in a range of industries—to help managers attract, engage and retain top performers.

Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way we work, what we expect from our employees – and what they expect from us. Yet many of the practices we use to hire and manage staff have their roots in the Industrial Age. This—along with the aging workforce—has led to our chronically low employee engagement rates, diminished productivity, soaring employee turnover and a growing global skills shortage.

This model is broken. The Gallup Organization estimates that the lack of employee engagement costs the US economy between $450 and $550 billion each year.

We must evolve these practices to remain competitive in today’s digitally connected, globally oriented world.

Kim helps organizations win the ‘War for Talent’, solve the employee engagement crisis and stay ahead of the critical skills shortage by disrupting these outdated methods and mindsets for hiring and managing staff and replacing them with Social Age Engagement™ Solutions. Kim’s cutting edge techniques will help managers break through those barriers in order to build a strong, dynamic, long-lasting team of employees.

Each presentation is filled with thought provoking content, engaging delivery, and practical tools that can be applied immediately to make an impact. Kim is able to structure the content according to the needs of the audience. She is extremely pleasant to work with and she brings strong credibility to her presentations.

Originally trained as a CPA and Management Consultant with KPMG, Kim subsequently spent 15 years working as an international recruiter—giving her a front-row seat to study why some companies are great at attracting and engaging staff, while others constantly struggle with turnover.

Through practical and entertaining sessions, Kim presents a suite of innovative tools that attendees can take back to the office and implement immediately. She offers straight forward solutions that make her participants sit up and listen!

Recent successes include:

Invited to judge 2012, 2013 & 2014 Australian HR Awards and 2014 Middle East HR Excellence Awards in Dubai.

Appointed as a Subject Matter Expert to advise US based, multi-national financial services firm’s global Senior Leadership Project Team on increasing employee engagement within the company.

Engaged by a Fortune 500, high tech firm to design a 250 piece, talent life cycle program for their 35,000 Value Added Resellers. This included reviewing all externally sourced content and supplementing it with original thought leadership.

Kim has authored
Mind Reading for Managers: 5 FOCUSed Conversations to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity and co-authored (with Brian Tracy) 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career.

She is a frequent contributor to business and trade publications in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India and has recently been quoted in Forbes.

With dual passports, Kim splits her time between Australia and the United States.