Viva La Evolution: 5 Cs to Attract, Engage and Retain Top Talent in the Social Age – Keynote

Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way we work, what we expect from our employees – and what they expect from us. Yet the practices we use to hire and manage staff have not kept pace with these changes. This-along with the aging workforce-has led to our chronically low employee engagement rates, diminished productivity, soaring employee turnover and a growing global skills shortage.

This model is broken.

We must evolve these practices to win the ‘War for Talent’ and to remain competitive in today’s digitally connected, globally oriented world.

The 5 Cs Model will help participants join the Social Age Evolution through an easy to apply framework. You will learn how to:

Hire Correctly:

Move from a reactive to a proactive sourcing model

Hire for attitude and ability rather than skills and experience

Engage their hearts and minds with a robust on boarding program

Classify and manage appropriately:

Make sure you are spending time with those employees who will provide the largest ROI

Compensate fairly:

Understand if your staff FEEL well paid and how they define ‘fairly’

Use Currencies of Choice to increase engagement and productivity:

Learn about the 8 ‘Currencies of Choice’ that research shows do more to drive engagement and productivity than pay or benefits

Communicate with FOCUS:

Overview of the 5 Conversations that will directly address the 8 ‘Currencies of Choice’

This highly participatory and experiential presentation is based on Kim’s experience over 15 years working as an international recruiter and interviewing over 5,000 candidates, as well as her recent work as a consultant to numerous organizations.

"As a professional speaker who focuses on the world of recruiting, selecting and hiring top talent I have spent the last 20 years building a knowledge base and honing my speaking skills. Over those 20+ years I have heard 100’s of other speakers speak on the same subject. Kim was one of the very best I have ever heard. She offers great insight in to todays challenges facing recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants. More importantly she offers tools and techniques to help over come those challenges in a most professional and entertaining way. I am glad that she had to follow me of the program rather then me having to follow her at the HR Summit in Singapore."

Mel Kleiman, CSP

"As a speaker and workshop leader, Kim is innovative, engaging and thoughtful. She is a thought-leader within talent and social media and uses the perfect mix of facts and anecdotal stories to really get her message across to the audience. I look forward to working with Kim on more events in the future."

Natalie Williams, Program Director APAC - Shared Services and Outsourcing Network

"Kim delivered an exceptional plenary session at our annual Risk Retreat conference this year. The feedback from our delegates was exceptional with Kim’s session being one of the highlights of the entire conference. Her presentation was extremely engaging, informative, and practical with a suite of tools the advisers could take back to their businesses to implement right away which is exactly the outcome we were looking for. Not only did she engage the audience, she has been wonderful to work with and completely tailored her knowledge and research to meet the needs of our clients. We would engage Kim to present at any of our future conferences, and highly recommend her as a brilliant presenter and subject matter expert on the topic of employee engagement."

Olivia Romano, Technical Support Manager Risk Specialist Network | MLC & Nab Wealth