Mind Reading for Managers – Keynote

What does your staff really need to be fully motivated, engaged and productive? Find out by exploring the 5 FOCUSed Conversations, a unique communications framework designed to unlock your employees’ motivations, strengths and career aspirations-three crucial factors in employee engagement. This framework will also significantly enhance (or completely replace) your performance management process.

This highly participatory and experiential session will cover:

The true cost of a disengaged employee to the company, their team and both their own and your job satisfaction

The 8 ‘Currencies of Choice’ that research shows do more to drive engagement and productivity than pay or benefits

How to hold each of the 5 FOCUSed Conversations that directly address the 8 ‘Currencies of Choice’

A 4 step framework that will completely revolutionize your job objectives / KPIs

6 tools to help you unlock what your employees need to ‘go the extra mile’ and how they want to be recognized when they do

The top 3 tips for helping your staff better manage their careers-so they can stay focused on internal opportunity instead of looking externally

How to help employees find their unique value proposition-to ensure greater job satisfaction and effectiveness

By understanding and using this conversational framework, not only will you increase your staff’s job satisfaction and productivity-you will increase your own as well.

This presentation is based on over 5,000 ‘exit interviews’ and Kim Seeling Smith’s consulting work with multiple organizations of various sizes and industries.

Kim knows why your employees become disengaged and / or leave-and how to keep the best ones motivated, interested and productive.

Once you participate in this presentation you will too.

"Mind Reading for Managers is a refreshing and effective approach to people management"

Madel Giles, HR Advisor

"For the first time in years our performance reviews were completed in a more timely manner, with little chasing up with the managers. Not only that, instead of just checking boxes there were actual development plans that had been documented and discussed."

Michelle Goade, HR Coordinator Lactalis American Group