Hiring for the Social Age – Training

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Learn how to shatter the old paradigm of hiring for skills and experience and replace it with Social Age Hiring Skills™.

Bad hires cost organizations millions of dollars each year. They also place undue stress on managers and teams. Unfortunately most managers have never been sufficiently trained on hiring well. Many resort to nothing more than matching poorly written resumes to even more poorly written job descriptions and then relying on gut feel when making this critical business decision. A decision they often live to regret.

Hiring for the Social Age also presents its own set of unique challenges.

In our digitally connected, globally oriented world we must hire people to be more innovative, strategic and creative. We must hire problem solvers. There is a very specific way to both attract and screen this top talent.

This workshop provides participants with a Framework and supporting ‘Handbook’ of practical tools to source, hire, evaluate, select, attract and on board top talent, helping to ensure that each hire is the best hire.

Participants will be thoroughly prepared to plan and conduct extremely robust, objective-based interviews to unlock critical information, which significantly increases the hiring managers’ success and the ability to attract and select the right candidates for building a great team.

Learning Objectives

Describe the benefits of effective hiring for managers, teams, individuals and organizations and recite the 3 Keys to a Great Hire

Use the Hiring Framework for recruiting and building a great team, from preparation to start date

Employ the tips, tools and techniques to complete essential planning activities, write a robust job description and create a high-impact internal or external job advertisement

Apply techniques to screen resumes and ‘read between the lines’ during interview preparation

Follow the Interview Process to prepare for and conduct consistent and effective interviews every time

Construct effective Evidence Based interview questions and use effective questioning techniques during interviews

List the legal considerations around hiring, including questions you can and cannot ask and note-taking

Demonstrate ways to recognize body language and subliminal signals, and try out techniques to handle different candidate types and personalities during interviews

Identify how, when and why to use advanced interview techniques, including Situational Based interview questions to structure rigorous or pressure-filled interviews

Follow the steps to rate, select and attract the best talent to build a great team and know how to check references

Practice interviewing skills using real-life scenarios

Create a Personal Action Plan and identify first steps to success

Course Topics


Introduction to Hiring for the Social Age

3 Keys to a Great Hire

The Hiring Framework for Building a Great Team

Planning Essentials


Interview Preparation Activities

Interview Foundation Skills – Questioning Techniques

Conduct the Interview – 5 Steps to a Great Interview

Conduct the Interview – Supplemental Skills

Practice – Conduct an Interview


Conduct the Interview – Advanced Techniques

Advanced Questioning Techniques

Structuring Rigorous/ Pressure-Filled Interviews

The Selection Steps – from Selecting to Start Date

Practice – Putting it All Together


Did you know?

A 2012 Hudson study says that 44% of hiring managers surveyed reported that their last hire was ‘not good’

It costs between 50 – 200% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them

22% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment

We are in the middle of a 30 year critical skills shortage, which will make it increasingly difficult to hire the right people

McKinsey Global Research Institute says that this will culminate in 85 million unfilled jobs by 2020

Give your managers the tools they need to hire well… every time.

Delivery Methods:

Live or web-based training

Train the Trainer program available to enable you to license the content and deliver yourself

May be customized to incorporate your performance review program

Online, interactive, virtual training (coming soon)

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"Recently we engaged Kim as our trainer for Interviewing techniques program. No doubt, Kim is the expert on the subject matter. She is able to engage participants throughout the 2 days program. The feedback from participants was excellent and I would recommend Kim to any organizations who would like to engage her. She is a very pleasant people to work with! I definitely look forward to engage her again for our future programs."

Linda Christina, Manager Global Conference & Executive Education

"Kim has delivered several training courses to our management team. On each occasion the feedback received has been fantastic, with the course exceeding expectations. The course focuses participants attention on the importance of hiring the right staff and provides practical, relevant examples. Kim’s training is both informative and engaging inspiring participants to be prepared when conducting interviews and utilize the tools and techniques presented. Kim is an exceptional presenter who is impressive in her delivery and shares a wealth of knowledge within her field of expertise."

Daniela Burton, Human Resources Advisor CARDNO

"Kim has worked with Energizer in delivering an Interviewing Skills program to the managers in our business. Feedback from the sessions has shown Kim to be energetic and highly engaging, demonstrating an ability to effectively work with a diverse group of people. Content of the course was relevant to the audience with good tips, tools and examples. I would not hesitate in recommending Kim as a facilitator to other organisations."

Elise Barter, Energizer Australia