How to work with (or manage) people you just don’t get (and may not even like!) – Training

Have you ever worked with (or managed) someone you just didn’t get (and may not have even liked?) Of course you have—we all have. Have you ever thought, “I really wish I could get inside their heads and communicate better with them?” Here is your chance.

Communication is difficult, because people are different. They have different backgrounds and life experiences, personality profiles, values and communication styles. This makes delivering communications that are clearly understood and able to be actioned particularly challenging.

In this workshop we look at how to identify and understand differences, and then create practical solutions to facilitate more effective dialogue.

We leverage the expertise of Lynne Schinella, author of Bite Me! and other dos and donts of dealing with our differences, and her framework to help identify and understand different personality types.

Because Lynne knows you’ve all sat through enough MBTI style tests in the past, what she presents in this workshop is a fresh—and fun—perspective on this old dilemma, covering:

Introduction to personality types

Profile and examine four fundamental personality styles

Developing strategies for working effectively with different styles of people

What are the results?

Increased awareness of your personal communication style and its strengths and challenges

Increased understanding of other styles

Increased confidence to work productively with others who are not like yourself

Learn to communicate effectively in the workplace.