Light Up Your Career – Training

This one of a kind, online, interactive, virtual training program is the result of over 15 years of research by an international recruiter and career coach who has worked with thousands of people and had a front row seat to observe what those who managed their careers well did differently to those who did not.

This research has been put together into very engaging program that is designed to help you:

Understand why pro-active career management is critical to career success (regardless of your definition of success)

Immediately fall in love with your job again (or at least fall back in like with it so that you can buy some time to make longer-term decisions)

Define your personal and professional goals and make sure that your professional goals align with and support your personal ones

Identify what you most value in a job and career; what you must have what would be nice to have and what you absolutely must not have

Develop a deep understanding of your strengths; what you are both good at and what you love to do

Identify strategies to help you incorporate more activities in your day to day life that play to those strengths as well as strategies to manage or mitigate your weaknesses

Construct a 3 – 5 year career plan complete with action items and KPIs or metrics to measure success

Identify the skills, abilities and experience you need to ‘mind the gap’ between where you are now and where you would like to be within the next 3 – 5 years (and beyond)

Write robust, outcome based, measurable achievements that will put your head and shoulders above your competition when applying for new roles, projects or temporary rotations

Develop and articulate your Value Statement or your ’30 second elevator pitch’

Construct thoughtful, relevant questions to ask during job interviews

Practice several tools to help you stay emotionally fit and resilient, even after life altering set backs

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Note to Managers

Why should you help your staff better-manage their careers? Because it makes good business sense. Research shows that career development is now firmly among the top three factors that determine employee engagement.

When most people get frustrated they tend to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’. This means, that if your top people don’t feel that they are getting what they need in their jobs they will begin to look for opportunities outside of your organization.

With your guidance, this program will help them stay focused on internal opportunities. It will also help to make them more skilled, valuable and productive—a win / win for both parties. Additionally, working with them on their careers will develop or strengthen a foundation of trust and respect, which will engender a high degree of loyalty.

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"The Light Up Your Career and Manager Programs are second to none. I truly believe that businesses that work with Kim to implement these programs effectively will provide their employees with lasting skills and experiences that will stand their business in good stead for the future. The approach taken by Kim will also make the whole process both pleasurable and ensure lasting results are achieved."

Kate Steenkamp - GM | OD Talent | L&D | Organisational Change | NBN Co

"Kim helped me rediscover what I liked doing most and then helped me develop my Value Proposition, CV and Interview skills. Kim … has been a great sounding board to help me better understand how I should present myself to recruiters and then the client, … ensuring I focus. I now have found a job that ticked all the boxes of the 5 key things I wanted. Thank you Reinvention Guru."

Paul Beks, Senior Regional Manager NSW & ACT One Test

"Prior to working with Kim I’d never heard of nor considered the idea of writing a value statement about myself as an employee. It was only due to Kim’s conviction in it’s benefit that I sat down to write one. I’m so glad that I did. In order to write such a statement I had to direct my thinking to answer some fundamental questions that are relevant to anyone who is or who wants to be an employee. This process drove me to consider a question that is at the core of employment and employability – “How will an employer benefit from having me on their staff?”. Working through this process has enabled me to understand and verbalise more clearly what it is I have to offer a prospective employer. It has highlighted my points of difference and has clarified for me what my value will be to a future employer."

Melissa Roberts, Sydney Australia

"Kim is very professional and exceptional as a career management adviser. Her knowledge of career management has developed since the first time I consulted with her a year ago. She really does her utmost to try and help her clients."

Leo Sek

"I was fortunate to receive a consultation with Kim Smith to get clarity on my future employment and life direction. Kim is so confident, funny and warm that she easily drew my real intentions for wanting a change out of me. She took me through a series of exercises to allow me to figure out what I really wanted as my outcomes in life (including work, family, romance, finances, creativity, health, spirituality). Through that, I was able to propose some options of how I could achieve my goals and then brainstorm these options. Kim also gave me tools to manage my brain and get to the heart of how I want to live. It is difficult in life to cut through all the stuff that is not really that important. Kim helped me see what it is that is truly important to me and how to focus on that and let everything else that wastes energy and time fall away. I use these tools in my everyday life and they have helped me tremendously. Kim’s warm, energetic and creative spirit created a sense of immediate trust and “fun”. Thanks so much, Kim, for this gift that I will use forever!"

Jessica Walden, Technical Specialist Quality Assurance International

"I first met Kim at an IT Recruitment and Retention Forum in Sydney and was impressed with her presentation, which I found highly engaging and very informative. Through that introduction, I later engaged Kim on a project to help revamp our talent management website due to her industry knowledge and understanding of the talent attraction, hiring and retention lifecycle. Kim has a lot of passion and enthusiasm for what she does, so it’s been a pleasure to work with her."

Sue Tu, Program Manager Cisco Systems

"I have worked with Kim on numerous occasions in order to recruit the right individuals for our finance team. What made Kim stand out above all others was that she actually listened and responded quickly to what the requirements were and understood the environment that we worked in. There was no beating around the bush with her…..this was an attractive quality about her that I and my company desired."

Eve Langford-Smith

"Kim ….is one of the finest recruiting professionals I have ever seen. She has a rare blend of commitment, skill, passion, and knowledge. She has a great knack of understanding the business need for a particular resource requirement and is able to align these with the expectations of the candidates. Highly action oriented and rallies her team towards achieving the objective. Kim is one of the few recruiters who ensure that job requirement and skills are matched. Kim ensures that right candidates are interviewed by the prospective employers. Always ready to take new challenges, Kim works equally well with local experienced candidates as well as new immigrants."

Chandan Ohri, Director KPMG

"My personal experience in liaising with Ignite Global has been a real eye opener for me. They have reinforced in me the concept of how important people are to any business. Understanding those working alongside you is key to any good operator. I believe that I personally, as well as our business have really benefited from this program."

German Romo, Principal Northrop Consulting Engineers

"The leadership within my organisation found the results [of the Employee Retention Diagnostic Survey] to be so potent that we asked Kim to present her analysis to the leading 30 stakeholders of our business. Kim’s presentation was excellent and underscored her professional demeanor. I am pleased to report that the experience of this firm and myself in each of our dealings with Kim Seeling Smith has been nothing less than to deal with a consummate professional who delivers on her promise, is flexible and commercial in her approach and is a personal joy to work with."

Rick Bensted, Manager

"The quality of your program is excellent and equal to anything I have seen in the market. However, it is your commitment, professionalism, and passion that was far beyond my expectations and what made the experience such a positive one for all. You have established an excellent rapport with the Foodco team, so much so that they think of you as one of the staff!"

Serge Infanti, Managing Director The Foodco Group (Muffin Break / Jamaica Blue)

"Kim recently conducted a series of exceptional out-placement workshops for our staff. These workshops were to assist them with their career planning, CV writing, job search and interview skills. Kim’s advice was methodical, clear, sensible & practical from start to finish. Kim is an engaging presenter who made the process fun (despite many people finding these topics difficult). All the feedback I have received from attendees has been positive, and my personal experience was also terrific. I thoroughly recommend Kim to any organisation and would be happy to take calls to discuss our experience."

Claude Brown

"Kim helped Consult Australia to refine our hiring and induction processes and I found the engagement highly useful. We have had better success with candidates since using the new job ads and have a lot more rigor around our interview process. Money well spent to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidates! We even had candidates apply for positions since then simply because our job ads were so well written! Kim is a straight shooter who will open your eyes to the recruiting mistakes you have been making for so long!"

Megan Motto, CEO Consult Australia

"10% of the Women in Leadership cohort who took Ignite Global's Light Up Your Career program changed their minds about taking voluntary redundancy as a result of this program. We did not want to lose these women so this was a huge win. Two women applied for (and got) jobs they previously did not think they were qualified for and one worked with her manager to redesign her current role. I can highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to help staff get clarity about what their options are, understand their strengths and become more agile in looking at internal opportunities. I have staff that can attribute their success in progressing their careers thanks to this program."

Richard Brincat, Change and Capability Specialist at Sydney Water