Mind Reading for Managers – Training

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Mind Reading for Managers:
5 FOCUSed Conversations for Greater Employee Engagement and Productivity

  • Are you frustrated by your team’s performance or behavior issues? – Are you losing money because your staff turnover is too high or because they are not as productive as they should be?
  • Are you struggling to do your ‘day job,’ hit your own goals and manage your team?
  • Do you get sweaty palms at the thought of talking to your employees about their performance or behavior issues?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to the tired, costly, ineffective and much hated annual performance review / appraisal process?

This program is for business owners, people managers and entrepreneurs who want to increase their bottom line through greater performance and productivity while decreasing their own workload and stress.

Mind Reading for Managers does not require a crystal ball, but it does teach you how to discover the secrets of greater employee motivation, performance and productivity without the pain of having those awful, sweaty palms inducing performance management conversations.

You will learn:

  • The hidden financial and non-financial costs of a dis-engaged and un-inspired workforce to you and your business
  • The 8 ‘Currencies of Choice’ that research shows are infinitely more effective at driving motivation and performance than pay and benefits
  • The 5 FOCUSed Conversations that bring the 8 ‘Currencies of Choice’ alive for your team
  • How to use the over 30 tools and exercises to drill more deeply into the 5 FOCUSed Conversations with your staff
  • How to write a PGS (Purpose, Goals, Strengths) Job Description that will not only help you hire high performers, it will also dramatically decrease performance problems
  • How to use the 5 FOCUSed Conversations to replace (or at least enhance) your current annual performance review / appraisal system

So if you’re serious about wanting a better bottom line, a more productive and effective team, and decreased workload and stress for you and your team without having to have those performance management conversations that give you sweaty palms, contact us now to discover if this program is right for you and your organization.

Delivery Methods:

  • In house — for groups of up to 15
  • First ever public, online course launching in January 2017 (with Early Bird Rates available) —for individuals or small groups of managers from 1 organization
  • Train the Trainer and license the content for delivery by internal trainers — for large organizations

"Since the course I have found that I have been able to apply more structure to the conversations I have with my team — not just the content of the conversations, but also the themes of the conversations. There has certainly been an improvement in process that assists my team in expressing themselves on a number of specific subjects in an open but structured way. This has provided me with greater insight into their motivations and what they value most in their working environment. As a result — since taking the course my one-on-one meetings have become more relevant, and I regularly receive positive feedback from my staff telling me that they look forward to my catch-ups with them."

Marcus Babajews, Head of Development Razorfish

"My team recently engaged Ignite Global to do their Mind Reading for Managers workshop. The workshop was outstanding! The 5 FOCUSed conversation tools I learned from the workshop changed the way I communicate with my staff in a positive way. Overall, they have made a difference in my life at work, and for that, I am thankful for their services and mentorship."

Elia Twigg, Public Works Director City of Palm Bay

"The “Mind Reading for Managers” program, designed, developed and facilitated by Ignite Global is helping CSC develop world class and consistent managerial skills across our divisions. Although the program gives you a step by step framework and a number of different exercises you can use with your staff, what we like about it is that it also allows managers the flexibility to use the tools as they wish, in whatever manner works best for them."

Kim Kirsten, HR Director Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

"The content is really great! I just received another email from a participant to advise me they have already started using some of the training info provided!"

Bec Thrift, Training Officer and Project Champion Toowoomba Regional Council

"For the first time in years our performance reviews were completed in a more timely manner, with little chasing up with the managers. Not only that, instead of just checking boxes there were actual development plans that had been documented and discussed."

Michelle Goade, HR Coordinator Lactalis American Group