Soar with your strengths – Training

This unique, online, interactive, virtual training program picks up where traditional strengths profiling systems leave off.

Instead of simply understanding broad based themes or categories of activities where you are strong, we help you look at your day to day activities to determine which are your true strengths (those you are both good at and love to do), which are learned behaviors (those you are good at but HATE) and which are your weaknesses. We then help you develop strategies to incorporate more activities in your day to day life that play to those strengths as well as strategies to manage or mitigate your weaknesses.

In this training you will:

Identify activities that both give you and deplete you of energy

Categorize these activities into the 4 quadrants of the CAPP 4M Model: Realized Strengths, Unrealized Strengths, Learned Behaviors and Weaknesses

Look for additional opportunities or activities that play to your strengths

Identify strategies to help you incorporate more of those activities in your day to day life

Explore the SODA model to manage or mitigate your weaknesses

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Did you know?

According to the CAPP Organization people who play to their strengths are:

Are happier

Are more confident

Have higher levels of self-esteem

Have higher levels of energy and vitality

Experience less stress

Are more resilient

Are more likely to achieve their goals

Perform better at work

Are more engaged at work

Are more effective at developing themselves and growing as individuals.

According to the Gallup Organization, teams who are allowed to play to their Strengths have:

37 % lower absenteeism

Up to 65 % lower employee turnover

48 % fewer safety incidents

41 % fewer quality incidents (defects)

10 % higher customer metrics

21 % higher productivity

22 % higher profitability